It’s Been A While

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve had difficulty obtaining the motivation to write. Do you ever feel that way? You know, the feeling that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. The overwhelming lack of purpose. The loss of interest in all activities because you can no longer participate in the activities you previously enjoyed. I have been stuck in that rut for a while now, and in a way I am still there. 

I go on social media and see what all my former friends are up to, and I think to myself, “I so wish I was there enjoying that with them.” But I can’t. This disease has such a hold on me that I can no longer enjoy anything in which I wish to participate. I don’t have the strength or energy to do anything I once used to enjoy. It’s frustrating and depressing. I feel as if nobody around me understands. 

So that is the reason I’ve been absent for so long. My mind has just not allowed me to come up with anything to write about, and my body has not afforded me the strength of motivation to put any of my thoughts to paper. But, I’m hoping to change that. I’m hoping to regain some of my motivation to reach out again just by doing it. If I write, maybe the motivation and happiness for writing will follow. We will see…

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